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Commonground is a Creative Brand Consultancy specialising in brand development, strategy, purposeful storytelling and creative direction for NonProfits, Social Enterprise and Ethical Businesses.

Commonground is a Creative Brand Consultancy specialising in brand development, strategy, purposeful storytelling and creative direction for NonProfits, Social Enterprise and Ethical Businesses.

Brand Development

Commonground helps business focus on who they are, what they stand for and why they exist – so their brand cuts through the noise and is ready to make the most of growth opportunities.

Brand Strategy

Your Brand strategy translates and expresses your brand to your customers and clients. It’s about your story, purpose, values and brand pillars. Through it we ensure all deliverables align with your brand and maximise your positioning to achieve business goals.

Purposeful Storytelling

We believe in telling a different story. Stories that encapsulate your values and and Why. Stories that inspire your customers and drive awareness and engagement. Commonground ensures your stories communicate your brand end to end.

Creative Direction

Its the creative that lets your brand shine and brings your campaigns to life! We provide direction for brand design and content creation through video, photography and design – ensuring your creative stays true to who you really are!

Harnessing human connections and authentic experiences.

COMMONGROUND believes in telling better stories. Stories that change perceptions, challenge stereotypes and create new beliefs. Stories that inspire the heart.

By consistently communicating in these ways, brands reach their audiences in better, authentic ways and put real meaning behind their values, vision and why.


Our Difference



In over 15 years our work has covered all areas of communication across diverse industries, and cultures, developing campaigns, approaches, strategies and achieving tangible outcomes.



Your clients, customers and fans deserve and authentic brand. We don’t use cookie-cutter approaches, but develop solutions that are specific to you and what your business stands for.



Creativity is at our core and it comes in all shapes and forms: Award winning campaigns, concepts and ideas brought to life through design, photography and video.



We are driven by our values for authentic and creative communication, that is strategically applied with deliberation and sensitivity.

Meet Christoph

Founder and Principal Consultant
A strategic and innovative communication professional with over fifteen years of experience, who initiates ideas and drives them to implementation through the astute development of award winning brand strategies and creative tactics.
Co-Founder of Germany based creative agency Designdeck, he has a wholistic approach that covers brand development and strategy, communication and marketing, as well as design, user experience and visual representation.
Christoph is also Creative Director and photographer who has worked on humanitarian projects in many countries. His work has been published and exhibited in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Germany and the UK.
  • Christoph worked with us for six months on a major supermarket intervention campaign. The retailers, customers and partners had only praise for his work. Based on this work we won the prestigious Konrad Jamrozik Award for Health Advocacy and the VicHealth Healthy Eating Award for best health promotion project in Victoria, Australia.

    Dr Adrian Cameron – Deakin University
  • Christoph has enormous experience in purposeful storytelling. I have worked with Christoph in many countries, respectfully and ethically telling their story is central to the way Christoph works.

    Greg Low – R2L
  • Christoph has a really creative mind and focus. He looks to the core of an idea and keeps challenging the creative until it truly represents that idea.

    Daniel Flynn – Thankyou
  • Christoph has extensive campaigning and marketing knowledge, experience and insight which he applies with great sensitivity.

    Esther Adams – Interserve
  • Christoph’s photographic skills are second to none. He knows his art and craft so well he can focus on the people he is photographing rather than the technology he is using. He is then able to take these images and turn them into beautiful communication pieces and visual stories that will create whatever emotion you are looking for.

    Heath McSolvin – CBM Australia
  • Christoph helped me to clearly articulate YourGrocer’s “Why” and convinced me to put more of an intentional focus on it. Christoph really lit a fire under my arse and helped me see the value of focussing on our story.

    Morgan Ranieri – YourGrocer
  • Christoph is insightful, intelligent and able to achieve great things, often with limited resources. He was pivotal in creating, developing and growing the CBM End the Cycle and Enable programs. His vision and creativity brought these programs to live.

    Heath McSolvin – CBM Australia

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